Elsa Hammarén 
e-mail: elsa.hammaren@gmail.com
instagram: @elsa.hammaren

Born 5/7 1999 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Elsa Hammarén is a Swedish photographer who lives and works in Paris. She moved there 2018 and started assisting JH Engström 2019. 

Elsa Hammarén is working in a self biographical tradition. She portrays relationships to friends, lovers and family. She has a raw, slowed-down snapshot aesthetic where the longing for love and closeness is central.

Her most recent work is published by the Danish publisher Thoughts of Me Press, in the book We Begin By Writing, a collaboration where Elsa’s images are seen together with a collection of letters.

In Elsa’s commercial work she contains her intimate and personal approach. Example of clients; Our Legacy, Acne Studios, Monki, Purple Magazine, Swedish StockingsDeadwoodSkydance, brachfeld/Axel Arigato, Attraction Magazine, F-word MagazineGP Två Dagar